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Employment and Labor Law Munich & Munich Airport

Employment law is an extremely complex area of the law as German labor law is far different than American or British law, as well as industry specific regulations and internal administrative procedures.

Kern+Peters focuses on providing employers and empoyees with legal guidance regarding a variety of employment-related issues. We work with public and private businesses of all sizes to help prevent Munich and Munich Airport employment litigation down the road, and also represent employers and employees if and when legal disputes do arise.

Why choose Kern+Peters lawyers in Munich and Munich Airport?

You do not hire the Munich & Munich Airport employment lawyers of Kern+Peters because you want a plaintiff-focused lawyer who only defends businesses. You hire us because you want a successful employment attorney in Munich to personally handle your case.

Our team is here to help you with whatever employment issues you are facing. We support employees by giving them a powerful voice to advocate for fair working conditions. We also help employers defend themselves against unjust accusations.

Employment disputes can have a devastating effect on organizations and employees reputation. Whether you are interested in preventing disputes or are currently faced with an employment law issue, the employment lawyers at Kern+Peters can go to work for you to protect your best interests. Don’t wait for the worst to happen before you contact us to schedule a consultation.

Employment and labor law specialists in Munich and Munich Airport and surroundings

For more than 16 years, we have represented employees or the employers in Munich / Munich Airport and throughout Germany. 

We advise and represent employers, employees in all matters of labor law, such as:

Experienced lawyers with the expertise to see things from all perspectives

If you wonder why we work for both sides:

We believe that our strength lies exactly in our ability to appear on all sides and therefore to know all sides.

Solving a labor dispute is to find a solution that all sides can accept.

Why specialized german lawyer for labor / employment law in Munich

First of all the German law system is different to those of other nations.

Case law is not common in germany. The German law system is mainly written law.

Furthermore German labor law is quite employer unfriendly.

German employers cannot simply dismiss their employees without special reasons.

But German labor law knows many deadlines and knowing these deadlines is essential. For that reason you better rely on specialized lawyers with years of experience.


Your lawyers for labor law

Labor law for employees

Employees should consult with employment law specialists when confronted with difficult questions, which regard matters of

  • Review of employment contracts

  • Representation in dismissal protection proceedings

  • Severance pay

  • Late / incomplete salary

  • Unpaid overtime claims

  • Bonus claims

  • Sick pay

  • Employee data protection

  • Unfair dismissal / termination

  • Written warnings

  • Imposing entitlements to holidays

  • settlement agreement

Labor law for employees
Labor Law for employers

Labor Law for employers

Companies and employers should be aware to take German labor law light handed. Consulting employment lawyers ensure that proper guidelines and best practices are in place with your company.

Our labor law services for employers are:

  • Drafting and termination of employment and service contracts

  • Labour relations, negotiation and litigation

  • Notices of cancellation

  • Collective bargaining law

  • Prevent Discrimination, bullying and harassment

  • settlement agreement

Preventing Employment Litigation

Employment disputes can be lengthy and expensive, so employers of all sizes can greatly benefit from litigation avoidance training by experienced employment litigation attorneys. At Kern + Peters, our lawyers will explain proper procedures designed to protect your business from facing litigation in the future. Our preventative employment law training can include proper procedures for handling:

  • Hiring, Firing, and Disciplining Employees

  • Executive Employment

  • Wage and Hour Laws

  • Day-to-Day Counseling for Supervisors and Management

Preventing Employment Litigation

Whenever you need advice

Our support is personal. From our years of experience, we acknowledge that legal disputes can be highly stressful for employers and employees.

Companies and people that are seeking our labor law advice are often facing times of personal challenge. This is when we will be by your side, deploying our experience to support you through difficult times. We are always there to help.

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